Glossary Item: Pimento

Category: Foods
Posted By:nuski on September 5, 2010

Known in North America as allspice, it is not to be confused with pimento, the pepper. It is called allspice because the flavour is a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, mace and cloves and is used in sweet as well as savoury dishes. In appearance it is just like peppercorns and grows on a tall sturdy tree. The ripe purple seeds are used to make a pimento liqueur and is also used to enliven Benedictine and Chartreuse. The leaves and the wood are used in the cooking of jerk dishes and the berries powdered to season the meat. Jamaica supplies about 80% of the world's consumption of allspice. Used by the Russians in the production of sausages, it is also used in soups, pickles, marinades, pies and fish dishes. It helps in the preserving of food.